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Situation (François K Remixes)

  • Date: April 21, 2018

  • Catalogue number: 12YAZ9


01. Intro

A Collection of Francois Kevorkians Situation remixes, released on vinyl only for Record Store Day 2018 (later a set of digital files released as well). The 12" includes the famous Situation US remixes from 1982 as well as two mixes from the 1990 re-release of Situation – including the previously unreleased More Dub-version.

The vinyl is promoted as a "limited edition" though it is not disclosed how many copies were printed.

02. The Formats

Link to

12" Vinyl (12YAZ9)
4x FLAC EP (i12YAZ9)

03. The Cover

The very yellow cover was designed by Philip Marshall in November 2017.

04. The Tracks

Includes four different remixes of Situation. The first two, on side A, is the so called US Remixes from 1982 while side B consists of two of the 1990-remixes. More Dub is previously unreleased.

01. Situation (U.S. 12” Remix)

02. Situation (U.S. Dub)

03. Situation (Deadline Mix)

04. Situation (More Dub)

05. The People

Written by – Vince Clarke and Alison Moyet
Produced by – Vince Clarke, Eric C. Radcliffe and Daniel Miller
Design by – Philip Marshall

Side A – 1982 remixes by Francois K
Engineered by – John Potoker

Side B - 1990 remixes and additional production Francois K
Programming – Alan Friedman
Keyboards – David Cole
Engineer – Lloyd Puckitt

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