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Welcome to the Yazoo: Unofficial Homepage

Why make a homepage dedicated to Yazoo 16 years after the sad demise of the band? Well. Actually I’ve been missing an informative Yazoo webpage for a long time, and suddenly decided – “hey, why not do it myself?” Encouraged by the re-release of the Yazoo singles and the compilation I started out. The site was published on Sunday September 12th 1999 and has since been remixet a few times. This lastet edition went public on August 20th 2018.

What the Web says about this site:

“The ultimate Yazoo page. Amazing! A must-visit!”
Paradise 8

“…an excellent site on Yazoo has been put online in Denmark. Don’t worry, everything has been translated in English. Both the layout and the content are more than worth visiting. Click here and bookmark!
Side-Line Magazine [October 4th 1999]

“Unofficial Yazoo Page- So well designed it could be official- loads of Yazoo articles, merchandise, and other things you may not have seen before”.

Composition Of Sound

“Es gibt übrigens eine neue, sehr geniale YAZOO Hompage aus Dänemark. Dort findet Ihr viele schöne Sachen aus alten Tagen. Klickt Euch ein unter“.

“Great Yazoo site”
Marlow – The Official Homepage

“Mercifully good site with unreleased downloads and plenty of solid info about the duo”.

“Diese Homepage ist so verdammt gut, dass sie als offizielle Seite zu Vinces Erasure-Vorgänger durchgehen könnte. Sie diente zudem als grafisches Vorbild für unsere Homepage hier”.


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